Safety Detectives Interview with Mike Schipper

Our very own Mike Schipper, Founder and CEO of InsITe Business Solutions, recently sat down with Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives to give an insider's perspective on data security. See below for a quick synopsis and a link to the full interview. 

Mike Schipper interview with Safety Detectives

Aviva asked some great questions relating to data security, and Mike went in depth on a variety of cybersecurity topics, including... 

  • What initiatives and philosophies guide InsITe when it comes to securing data for our clients 
    • Mike details how understanding and a multi-layered approach gives InsITe the edge over online threats. 
  • The worst cyber threats out there today and how InsITe is staying ahead of them 
    • Phishing and Ransomware are rampant, but the bad news is that they're getting bigger. Mike explains the dangers of each and why everyone should take action to be protected. 
  • How InsITe has influenced the data security industry and how we are staying in front of our competition 
    • Rather than paying attention to what our competitors are doing, Mike reveals the 3 things InsITe focuses on. 
  • The future of cybersecurity and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the business technology landscape 
    • Mike explains his holistic view on security and why focusing solely on firewall, network, and server security is a mistake for Managed Service Providers.  

To read the full interview, along with Mike's complete responses, check out the Safety Detectives blog (link below).  

Mike's interview with Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives is a leader in the cybersecurity world and tests and evaluates the latest cybersecurity software by providing users honest, accurate, and completely unbiased reviews and opinions. Through honest expert reviews, user evaluations, thorough explanations, and real-time updates, the team at Safety Detectives is building a complete knowledge-base of antivirus-related articles and resources, along with thorough and objective antivirus software reviews by industry experts.  

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