Winner of Corp! Magazine's Michigan Economic Bright Spots 2018

Mike Schipper, Zeeland, MI. -- InsITe Business Solutions, Inc. has been named one of Corp! Magazine’s Michigan Economic Bright Spots in 2018! The annual ranking celebrates companies that achieved economic growth, expansion and hiring within the state of Michigan. InsITe is a leading IT technology provider that specializes in cloud solutions, data security, office mobility and more that increase efficiencies, productivity and insights for business and manufacturing.

“Being recognized as an Economic Bright Spot in Michigan is yet another sign we’re doing great work in our community,” said Mike Schipper, CEO and Founder of InsITe Business Solutions. “We see ourselves continuing to grow and fostering new relationships with clients and our Michigan neighbors. We’re proud to be a part of the business community in West Michigan and beyond, and are excited to see that there are plenty of opportunities to further impact businesses throughout the state.”

InsITe joins 78 companies from a myriad of industries with just a handful of information technology companies on the list. The recognition will be featured in Corp! Magazine and on the publication’s website.

“Corp! Magazine is dedicated to celebrating Michigan businesses that show a passion for not only their businesses, but for improving the economy throughout the State of Michigan. This year’s Economic Bright Spot winners are a combination of state wide companies who are proud to be headquartered in Michigan and enrich the lives of their employees and communities,” said Jennifer Kluge, Publisher of Corp! Magazine.

The award comes on the heels of InsITe being named one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in 2018.



1. Describe your company and who your company serves.

InsITe helps small to large sized businesses and manufacturing companies get the most out of current and emerging technologies with a customized IT approach to maximize growth, efficiency, insights, and productivity.

2. What innovations and/or changes have you put into place to help your company thrive and position itself for success?

Over the years, we've adopted an approach of bringing more than the typical IT experience to our clients, and we've upheld that vision. InsITe doesn’t work on the model that there is a tidy package of solutions to hand out to each business. We've created a very involved approach where we learn about a business first in order to plan out the best long-term solutions. We've come to understand all aspects of warehouse and supply-chain systems as well as the IT solutions that best help growing businesses increase efficiency and security. Through our method of thinking, we solve the problems and plan out a definition of growth and success together with our clients. We see IT as an investment for a company's continued growth, and when we work to ensure that the investment our clients put forward achieves its maximum value with real returns, we create great business relationships that attribute to our success.

3. What has been your best growth opportunity this past year and how did you respond to it?

The cloud is becoming the main mode of business for many industries as they embrace a “cloud first” strategy. InsITe has stayed ahead of the curve on cloud migration, security, hosting and more to provide the best cloud solutions from only the best, most trusted cloud partners. The shift to cloud has been a great opportunity, as many business and manufacturing companies find their internal IT team may not be able to provide the same migration feasibility and optimization assessments that InsITe can. We’ve worked alongside many internal IT teams to reduce expenses, improve efficiency, and secure important information as cloud solutions have grown.

4. How would you describe the business climate in Michigan? What are the advantages of doing business in Michigan?

We're located in Zeeland, Michigan, close to lakeshore communities like Holland and Grand Haven but also not far from Grand Rapids. We find that West Michigan is a thriving place for business and manufacturing, and the communities we've created near our headquarters allows us to have a personal as well as business relationship with many of our clients. We all share a common love for the mitten, and we strive to serve our employees, families, and neighbors to continue making Michigan a great place to do business.

5. What do you see as the biggest opportunity going forward?

IT is ever changing with new, dangerous security threats, compliance regulations, and an ever shifting cloud mindset. We provide all the necessary IT solutions for the changing market like cloud migration, GDPR compliance, and protecting a business’s data and information. Each day we work for our clients' trust and we strive to be the last IT provider they'll ever need. The opportunities to make businesses or supply chain operations more efficient, productive, and protected is our main goal and we hope to keep untangling the wires in as many IT systems as possible going forward.


InsITe helps businesses and manufacturing companies get the most out of current and emerging technologies with a customized IT approach to maximize growth, efficiency, insights, and productivity. InsITe is not a typical IT company selling products for short-term, short-sighted fixes. We invest in long-term solutions for a company’s growth by taking the time to learn its products, process, and business goals before bringing tech into the conversation. In this way, we become much like our Clients’ very own internal IT department with familiar faces who understand the business. 

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