Top COVID Resources for Manufacturing Employers and Employees

As Michigan manufacturing businesses begin to open up again, understanding the rules, regulations, and what's available to both employers and employees is vital to the success of the industry. Below is a list of top resources that we've compiled to help both manufacturing employers and employees alike to navigate through these constantly changing times. 


Health Tracking and Reporting Application – Health InsITe 365

Automate health self-reporting to enforce accountability and enable contact tracing with our simple Health InsITe 365 app. Health InsITe 365 is a health validation form that your team and guests fill out prior to entering your office or a customer’s location. Anyone can fill it out via mobile, tablet, or desktop, from anywhere in the world. You gain peace of mind that each person is declaring that they do not have symptoms of COVID-19. You also gain the ability to do basic contact tracing in case of any future known infections.




Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and MIOSHA's COVID-19 Manufacturing Industry Guidelines

With this resource, you'll find an employer's guide to workplace safety and health as your manufacturing company begins to go back to work again. This includes general workplace requirements and practices when it comes to entering the facility, face masks, daily entry screening protocols, employee training, and more. 



West Michigan Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Manufacturers

This resource, provided by The Right Place, offers a quick, easy-to-read guide with PPE that manufacturers throughout West Michigan can take advantage of. From hand sanitizer, to masks, to diagnostics and testing applications, this guide has everything you need to know about who supplies the PPE equipment your company needs. 

To learn more about our health tracking and reporting application on page 3 of this document, click here!



OSHA's COVID-19 Guidance for the Manufacturing Industry Workforce

To learn how your company can reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, take a look at this one-page quick guide from OSHA. 



Interim Guidance for Manufacturing Workers and Employers from the CDC

This interim guidance for the manufacturing industry offered by the CDC provides employers and their workers with information on exposure risk among manufacturing workers, creating a COVID-19 assessment and control plan, personal protective equipment, workers' rights, among other crucial topics.  



Michigan Manufacturers Association's Tools for Productive and Safe Operations Booklet

With this booklet, you'll find multiple helpful resources on best practices for productive and safe operations, financial resources, training and communication tips, legal services, and more to help you efficiently navigate through this transition back to work. 



COVID-19 Financial Relief Tool Kit

This tool kit will provide manufacturing employees and employees with a centralized location of the necessary information needed about federal and state financial funding resources. 



COVID-19 Manufacturing Resources

The Michigan Manufacturers Association has compiled several helpful resources ranging from current requirements for in-person manufacturing work to unemployment information to Environmental regulatory guidance and beyond for those in the manufacturing industry. 



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