7 Ways to Optimize Your Shop Floor with AI and Automation

We get it. Right now, we’re living in a time where competition is tough and the labor force is thin. You can’t do it all manually! Checking quality, inspecting 100% of your parts, hand-entering data from one system to another, generating reports in excel, not knowing if you’re going to hit daily production goals until after a shift is over… there’s just not enough time in the day. And when it comes to your manufacturing quality, inventory, workforce, or the safety of your employees, it’s important that all of these things are optimized at the highest efficiency in order for you to scale your business and succeed.

Is your manufacturing floor operating at its highest efficiency?

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and manufacturing automation have become mainstream, trusted solutions for many shop floor issues. When it comes to AI and automation, there are 7 specific areas in which it can help optimize your shop floor. They include:

  1. Your general shop floor
  2. Your inventory
  3. Your Quality
  4. Your machine's data
  5. Scheduling and visibility
  6. Your employee's and company's safety
  7. And your general workforce

But wait! Before you start thinking, "AI and automation are beyond my shop's capabilities," or "There are too many moving pieces, I don't know where to start," we've got some news for you! The great part is, AI and automation doesn’t have to be complicated. There are actually multiple areas in which it can immediately start improving your shop floor.

To view all of these areas that AI and automation could assist your company, check out this free Smart Factory Checklist download that our sister company, Software InsITe, designed for you to use as you review the efficiency of your shop floor.

With Software InsITe's solutions for manufacturing automation, they make optimizing your manufacturing shop floor simple as they develop easy-to-use, affordable AI and automation apps and integration services help businesses:

  • Scale their business
  • Make better decisions
  • Create higher-quality products
  • And save money in the long run

Download the free Smart Factory checklist today to see all the possible areas that you can improve your shop floor with easily integrated AI and automation solutions. Once you download it, you'll even be eligible for a free, 2-hour discovery session with the Software InsITe team to learn how you can maximize the efficiencies on your shop floor.

If you'd like to start optimizing your company, click here to connect with Software InsITe or download the Smart Factory checklist.


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