Method Matters

Can you imagine a world where we, as humans, didn't push each other to find new ways to solve age old challenges? What if we just left good enough alone and never searched for something even better? As an example - Imagine how that mentality might affect those in need of prosthetics today; Without the constant questioning, re-imagining, reworking and testing performed by individuals such as Ambroise Pare, Pieter Verduyn and Benjamin Palmer (and so many more), our wounded warriors and physically handicapped might still be relying on wooden peg legs and stick crutches. Thankfully for us, these pioneers and inventors did challenge the status quo, and advanced prosthetics from wooden crutches to highly functioning, intelligent extensions of the human body. They did so by leveraging key methodologies to question, reimagine, rework and test each potential option for improvement.

You might ask: What does this have to do with technology? Well, a lot really. As Pare, Verduyn and Palmer leveraged common and new methods to improve a critical need for the wounded and handicapped; so too should we as we work to improve and further integrate the technologies which we are increasingly reliant on for business. The work of Pare, Verduyn and Palmer, and the associated methods they used, has proven that it is always worth pushing for more even when it seems the current solution is sufficient.

That is what InsITe is set out to do. Our goal is to continue to push the business technology services market, challenging the status quo, with the goal of driving higher value for businesses through our services - Raising the bar of service level for the general market. Much like the innovators who pioneered the evolution of prosthetics, we recognize a key function of that formula is to employ a foundational methodology. For that reason, several years ago we developed our standard methodology: ESIM. There is a significant amount of detail behind our methodology - From how we partner with and engage our clients, to guidelines around how we communicate, to the expectations around attention to detail and how we present solutions.

So as a client of InsITe, why should methodology matter to you? First, we recognized that in order to deliver the most impactful solutions we must be patient and focus on the right things first - We must understand your business; past, present and future goals. Second, we always take a holistic approach to solving any problem or implementing technology improvements. With an understanding of your business goals we often find that with a little deeper thought process, taking all things into account, we can significantly extend the value of any given solution. Third, we leverage a highly cohesive set of tools that improve our visibility to what is going on in your technology environment, and that is combined with attention to detail and responsiveness within our team. As a result of this, we are able to identify and avoid problems as well as provide faster time to resolution for any unexpected challenges - All translating to higher value for our clients.

What does our methodology mean to our team? Much of our success for our clients has to do with how our methodology improves our internal team. From team member onboarding to consistency of communication, understanding the importance of transparency to our clients, and emphasis on attention to detail; the ESIM methodology sets the bar for our employees and forces us to always push for better performance, more thoughtful holistic solutions, and an overall better experience for our clients.

The bottom line to all of this is that we believe if we are to make good on our promise to be a valued partner to our clients, and to deliver the best possible technology in all engagements, we must continue to develop and follow our foundational methodology - above all things. Peg legs and stick crutches seemed like capable prosthetics in the 1400s, but look how far they have come, largely due to questioning the status quo and leveraging key methodologies to developing new ways of doing things. There is room for improvement in how your typical technology provider approaches and delivers technology too.

We would love to discuss this with you in more detail, and how we can deliver meaningful and impactful solutions for your business. You can contact us through our website here. We have also posted the basics of our ESIM methodology on our website here.


InsITe helps businesses and manufacturing companies get the most out of current and emerging technologies with a customized IT approach to maximize growth, efficiency, insights, and productivity. InsITe is not a typical IT company selling products for short-term, short-sighted fixes. We invest in long-term solutions for a company’s growth by taking the time to learn its products, process, and business goals before bringing tech into the conversation. In this way, we become much like our Clients’ very own internal IT department with familiar faces who understand the business. 

If you have any questions about this post please leave a comment. We read and respond to all comments. Or better yet, give us a call and ask to talk directly to our Founder and CEO Mike Schipper 616-383-9000. 

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